Manawatu weather is unreliable and can let you down. Rain, wind and hail can strike at any time leaving your valuable possessions drenched and damaged. Forget doing several trailer loads, save time and protect your possessions from the elements by hiring one of our furniture trucks.


  • Box body and curtain side trucks available
  • Can be driven on a full car licence
  • Manual transmission
  • Diesel
  • All come with tail lifts and trolleys


  • Box body
  • Class 2 (HT) licence required
  • Manual transmission
  • Diesel
  • Tail lift and trolley

Our pricing is very competitive and we have special Monday-Thursday rates for even greater savings. Our friendly staff are also happy to work out a quote for you. If you need any advice with deciding which truck to rent, please get in touch through our Contact page, or phone us direct on 06 3553312.


  1. Organise helpers: Give friends and family plenty of notice prior to moving day. Plan for twice as many helpers, normally only half turn up. 
  2. Pack ahead of time: Have everything packed and ready to load before moving day. 
  3. Load the truck carefully: Put large items of furniture in first then fill in the extra space with smaller items. Keep some old blankets handy to protect furniture from accidental damage.
  4. Remember to keep your moving crew happy with snacks and refreshments!


  • Packing: Starts out being fun but can soon get boring. Set deadlines (e.g. a week to pack up the garage etc) and keep to them!
  • Don't under pack: Under packed boxes are MUCH more likely to be damaged. Pack heavy items such as books in small boxes so they will be easier to lift.
  • Box marking: Mark boxes with room numbers then number the room doors in the new house so people can match the box with the right room number - Don't mark boxes with 'jewelery' or 'electronics' as these are more likely to be stolen.
  • Write OPEN FIRST on boxes of essential items and DO NOT MOVE on boxes you're planning on taking in a separate vehicle.  
  • Try not to wrap fragile items in newspaper, as the print will come off on them. 
  • Leave clothes in drawers and transport cabinet with drawers in.
  • Don't leave it all to the last day but don't beat yourself up if you don't get everything done. The majority of us will run round in a flat panic on moving day. If you're pushed for time, it doesn't matter if you box up non-fragile items quickly or even just stuff them in bags.


  • Load the heaviest and largest furniture items first.
  • Load the heaviest items at floor level.
  • Secure large items to the truck walls.
  • Fully load front quarter of truck first then work rearwards.
  • Fill spaces with boxes and individually wrapped items.
  • Lightweight boxes can go on top of the load up to the truck ceiling.
  • Place large, flat items upright along truck walls.
  • Awkward shaped items can be packed in the center of the load well packed with smaller items to hold them steady and prevent movement.
  • Before you leave: Get one of your friends to do a last walk-round your old house. A fresh pair of eyes can often spot things you've left behind. Check behind doors, in cupboards, the attic, the garage and in the garden for any last items.


    TRUCK Rental Prices

    Prices start from $89* per day (24 hours) plus costs for distance traveled.

    2 hour hire - from $49*

    4 hour hire - from $69*

    Mileage rates start from 48c* per km.

    *Prices are weekday rates, weekends differ.

    *All prices are GST exclusive. A bond of $400 or credit card details is required, (debit cards not accepted)

    Conditions apply


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