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Optional extras and freebies with your Car Rental

Your car rental comes with several free items to save your budget and make your travels as fun and trouble-free as possible. For a small additional cost you can also get optional extras.
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For the budget conscious we offer a comprehensive travel pack - FREE 

  • This comprehensive travel pack is free with every car rental so you can see the best New Zealand tourist attractions and ensure you know exactly where you want to go and what you want to see before you go on your trip.
  • NZ and Palmerston North maps
  • Travel guides and planners
  • Guides to Palmerston North maps and Manawatu attractions  


24/7 AA Roadside Assistance  - Free

Should anything go wrong you can rest assured no matter where you are in New Zealand you can get all the assistance needed to ensure you get moving again . Every car rental comes with free AA Roadside Assistance so you never have any worries on your holiday.

Touring and Palmerston North city maps for the North and South Islands - FREE 

We don’t want you to get lost on your trip and waste valuable time on your holiday so every rental car from U-Drive Rentals comes with free touring and Palmerston North maps for North and South Islands so that you will arrive safely to your accommodation and destination.

GPS Navigation Systems - OPTIONAL

Spend more time enjoying your holiday and making memories. Our GPS Navigation Systems make it even easier for you to get directions when driving throughout your holiday. For a small extra cost a GPS system can be set up on any of our rental cars or people movers.

FREE Airport Pickup

We pick up and deliver to the airport or accommodation at no extra cost.


These are available for $10.00 plus GST. 

Optional extras and freebies with your Truck Rental

Tips on MOVING

  1. Organise helpers for moving: Give friends and family plenty of advance notice prior to moving day. Plan for twice as many helpers as you think you will need because normally only half turn up. 
  2. Pack ahead of time: Have everything packed and ready to load before moving day. 
  3. Loading the truck: Put large items of furniture in first then fill in the extra space with smaller items. Keep some old blankets handy to protect furniture from accidental damage.
  4. Remember to keep your moving crew happy with snacks and refreshments!


  • Packing starts out being fun but can soon get boring. Make yourself feel better about it by setting deadlines (i.e. a week to pack up the garage etc) and keeping to them!
  • Under packing is almost as bad as over packing and the contents of under packed boxes are MUCH more likely to be damaged. Pack heavy items such as books in small boxes so they will be easier to lift.
  • Mark boxes by room numbers and contents.  Then number the room doors in the new house so people can match the box with the right room number.
  • Write OPEN FIRST on boxes of essential items and DO NOT MOVE on boxes you're planning on taking in a separate vehicle.  
  • Don't leave all you’re packing to the last day. You'll be up all night and still not get it done right. But don't beat yourself up if you don't get everything done. The majority of us will run round in a flat panic as moving day approaches. If you're pushed for time it doesn't matter if you just box up non-fragile items quickly or even just stuff them in bags.
  • Try not to wrap fragile items in newspaper, as the print will come off on them. You'll just have to wash everything before you can put it away. And, newsprint doesn't generally come off well in a dishwasher so chances are you'll be washing them by hand. If you don't want to buy wrapping materials save up magazines for a few weeks beforehand.
  • Don't use newspaper to wrap around lampshades - chances are you'll not be able to get the newsprint off again!
  • Get one of your friends to do a last walk-round your old house with you before you leave. A fresh pair of eyes can often spot things you've left behind.
  • If you're in the habit of hanging clothes or stuff behind bedroom doors remember to check them as well. This is one of the most common places people forget stuff.
  • Leave clothes in drawers and transport cabinet with drawers in.

How to LOAD the Truck

  • Load the heaviest and largest furniture items first.
  • Load the heaviest items at floor level.
  • Secure large items to the truck walls.
  • Fully load front quarter of truck first then work rearwards.
  • Fill spaces with boxes and individually wrapped items.
  • Lightweight boxes can go on top of the load up to the truck ceiling.
  • Place large, flat items upright along truck walls.
  • Awkward shaped items can be packed in the center of the load well packed with smaller items to hold them steady and prevent movement.





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